Zekkos, D. P., Bray, J. D., Kavazanjian, E., Matasovic, N., Rathje, E., Riemer, M.,
Stokoe, K. H. II,
Framework for the estimation of MSW unit weight profile,
Proceedings Sardinia 2005, Tenth International Waste Management
and Landfill Symposium, S. Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, Italy; 3 - 7
October 2005.
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Knowledge of the unit weight of Municipal Solid-Waste (MSW) is required
for many engineering analyses. However, unit weight continues to be a
significant source of uncertainty in these analyses due to a variety of
factors, including the heterogeneous nature of solid waste, a paucity of
data, and the lack of systematic analysis of the available data. Analysis of
available in-situ and laboratory data on the unit weight of MSW,
described herein, indicates both the existence of a “characteristic unit
weight profile” for MSW and the need for site-specific unit weight data to
develop an accurate unit weight profile for a particular landfill. A
hyperbolic model is shown to capture the influence of compaction effort
and overburden stress on MSW unit weight. Calibrated against
laboratory and field data, the hyperbolic model provides a rational basis
for developing landfill-specific MSW unit weight profiles for design.

Framework for the estimation
of MSW unit weight profile
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